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I Want to Engage Online, But I don’t Know How

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The Agents of Disruption publish a video blog about change agents. They recently talked with Lisa Mattson of Jordan Vineyard and Winery and wrote a great article with tips that Lisa has provided over the years.

“Family wine businesses typically don’t have splashy marketing campaigns. We have stories – stories about history, people, triumphs and the challenges of each vintage — and you have to be the best at knowing what stories are appropriate and interesting — and then tell them in a compelling and brand-appropriate way.” … Lisa Mattson

Getting customers engaged in the digital spaces, including your own website, is the first step in sharing the experience of your winery or shop with a larger audience. If you are providing a memorable experience in your location, the next level of service is to talk to your customers where they live in the digital space. It is not the sale, its the experience and memory created. When we connect frequently, that visitor remembers the experience and the customer refers, recommends and returns.

Digital media like facebook, twitter and the new google+ can be daunting if you have never used a technology like these to converse with your customers.

So let’s talk. What questions do you have about finding ways to tell your story to your customers? Whether a technical question or a strategic one, leave your questions or comments, and I’ll answer.


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