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Wine Reviews – or not.

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I’ve added an explanation on the wine review question. Or at least our thoughts on how we are best going to go about doing this.

We’ve been asked if we are going to post reviews of all the wines we’ve tasted over the years. The short answer is “not really” – here’s why:

My partner changed the way I think about drinking wine. When he walks into a winery or a tasting, his conclusions are simple. “I’ll drink this again” or “Where’s the dump bucket?” – he doesn’t try to identify the 8 items in the bouquet, or remark on the flavors. He either likes it or he doesn’t. He thinks most casual wine drinkers just want to know if someone they trust liked it, and perhaps a few details about the wine itself.

Much to his chagrin, I take copious notes and ask detailed questions whenever I go into a winery, or open a bottle I’ve never tasted before. The intention was to be able to write reviews. I’ve decided there are other blogs out there that write much better wine reviews. You’ll find many of those listed in the sidebar soon.

What you will find here in as a form of review is posts about wines we’ve tasted, whether we liked it or not (in a simple way) and the answers to all of those questions I asked. Those posts will include links to reviews from those great wine review blogs. (both positive and negative)

On the main pages, we’ll be sticking to writing about wineries to visit with commentary on the overall winery experience, marketing and social media information for the industry, wine events and tasting and other topics of interest.

We hope you enjoy drinking what YOU like.

I love to recommend good wine to people, but what I like may not necessarily be what you like. So take all of that information, and make your own decisions on your purchases.

If you are a winery or winemaker and are interested in having a wine tasted, please see our contact page for information.

I’d love your thoughts on our decision.


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