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#GDandBurgers – A Pairing Adventure

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Food and Wine pairings are one of my passions. Putting the perfect morsel together with whatever wine I’m considering for the evening is a habit of mine that drives my other half crazy sometimes. But on a particular night in July when @winetwits paired up #GDandburgers – the man was oh so happy to indulge. French wine and sliders – he was in heaven.

It was all Eat. Drink. Love.

With a little wrangling, and more thana few tweets culminating in receiving our tasting kit inCharlottesville, VA at the Wine Bloggers Conference, without evermeeting the great guy who had hauled it all the way from New York –(sheesh, thanks for all your hard work with that – love Ohioshipping laws!) We brought home a box of GeorgesDubœuf wines and somekiller recipes from Chef Bob Waggoner. Ever the purist, I set out topurchase all the necessary ingredients from our local vendors to makeslider representations of all 3 recipes to pair with the threewines… we invited a few neighbors over and it was on.

All wines were chilled for 3 hoursbefore serving, and then set out to gradually warm. The Julienas wasdecanted and then chilled.

First wine paired was the 2009Beaujolais-Villages, for which I prepared angus sliders stuffed withbacon, shallots, rosemary and New York aged sharp cheddar. This wasthe easiest “drinker” of the wines – and conversation flowedaround the smoothness of the gamay and the price ($9.99 retail) –making this a crowd favorite for an everyday wine.

Winemakersnotes on this wine.

The grilled portabella slider was the burger favorite – topped with eggplant, green onion and tomato afterbasting in some beaujolais, it was hard not to love this burger. I’mnot exactly a mushroom fan, but have a feeling this one will reappearon my menus. When paired with the 2009 Brouilly, I found it to beabsolutely divine. With a retail price of $13.99, this fitted intomost “good dinner” budgets in the room. It was chewy, very berryand very much a stand out wine. Dubœufbelieves this one can lay down for about 24 months – based on thetannins, I’d agree with that assessment, but I wouldn’t go much pastthat.


The last burger (wow… three huge anddelicious sliders… I could already hear the elliptical downstairscalling my name) was a turkey burger with sundried tomato and basilsauté.This one also called for arugula and grilled red onion stuffed into apita. While I had some trouble finding pitas that were not too big,and not too small (cue Goldilocks here….) I did find a work aroundand got all of that goodness stuffed into an appropriate package.This one was paired with the 2009 Julienas Chateau des Capitans whichshowed a spicy richness and tight tannins, along with pepper andlicorice on the palate. Although we decanted this one for severalhours prior to serving, it was still very tight and not the favoriteof the evening. I left it decanted overnight however, and found itmuch more open and flavorful the next day. At $17.99 retail, it wascloser to a “special night in with a steak” sort of wine for thisgroup and with all the decanting needed, the consensus was that thiswas one to buy and keep for a few years to let it settle down.

Winemakers notes.

Preparing the burgers just before showtime was the key to making it all happen. I heartily encourage anyone doing a twitter tasting to dedicate someone to tweeting, recording and snapping pictures, as it is nigh on impossible to host an event and do any sort of substantive tweeting. We did manage to participate in the conversation, though our video feed of Chef Bob never did work properly – but it was a struggle even for my multitasking brain. 

Manythanks go out to our neighbor Becky, who provided positivelyscrumptious cheese filled dates wrapped in bacon as an appetizer.They paired very well with the Brouilly and the Villages wines we weresipping pre-gnosh. Compliments to the vendors from West Side Market inCleveland for providing all my ingredients from one amazing localsource – save the fresh herbs, which came out of my balcony garden.And also to Winetwits forgetting this all together – absolutely loved the pairings and theidea.

Letsdo it again!
Eat.Drink. Love. 

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