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Regional Wine Week – A Limerick and Top 5

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Its been a fun week highlighting regional wineries, wine and winemakers from a few of my favorite places.  We successfully launched Wine and Cupcakes here in Cleveland, and we are taking our pairing experience  on the road to Winston-Salem, NC next week. Plenty of tastings coming up, and they will be on the  calendar as they are confirmed.

I’ve been asked by several folks for my Top 5 regional wines.

Without further ado, in NO particular order.

Miss WineOH Top 5 Regional Wines

From Ohio:

2007 Markko Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay ($27)

2008 Kinkead Ridge Cabernet Franc

From Virginia:

2005 Breaux Vineyards Nebbiolo

2007 Linden Vineyards Hardscrabble Red ($42)

From North Carolina:

2008 Grove Winery Norton ($16.99)

There are about 5 more on my list of wines I’d go back to again and again…

2007 Benmarl Winery Baco Noir from New York

2009 Ferrante Winery Signature Series (GRV) Cabernet Franc ($15.99) from Ohio

Winery at Blackstar Farms Dry Cherry ($10) from Michigan

2009 Keswick Vineyards Verdejo from Virginia

2008 Hermes Vineyard Aglianico ($11.99) from Ohio

There are plenty of incredible wines out there. Discover what may be just around the corner! Tell me your favorites – I love finding new wines.

And in honor of the end of Regional Wine Week:  31 words about Drinking Local – because I’ve tasted from 31 states.

There once was a girl who drank whiskey.

In bourbon or beer she saw beauty

Then she found local wine,

And called it divine,

Its dry, she declared; not just fruity.

No more poetry… I promise!


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