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Happy Turkey Day – What’s on the table?

I’ve been asked by several folks what I’d recommend to pair with Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s my short list of wines that should blend with your holiday meal:

Cotes du Rhone (either a blanc or a rouge) – you can pick up a well made cotes du rhone for between $12-17.

Viognier – a fruity, well balanced viognier will like the turkey and stuffing on your table. A good one will run you $15 and up.

Gewurztraminer – crisp, but slightly sweet from its naturally high sugar. This white is a crowd pleasing wine, particularly for families that have folks used to drinking those sweeter wines. I’ve seen nice bottles for $8-12, and you can get good local wines in the #FLX, #OHwine and #PAwine regions.

And lastly… there are so many flavors on our holiday table, I probably couldn’t pick just ONE wine that would blend with everything. So my suggestion is pick a wine that fits your palate and your budget, and just enjoy it. With the friends, family and festivities surrounding Thanksgiving – everything is going to taste good. Wine is always better when paired with laughter and good conversation.

Don’t worry about it. Just enjoy.

And support your local wineries and craft breweries for the holiday. Small business keeps our economy going!

Happy Thanksgiving from MissWineOH.


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  1. Chardonnay with everything for me!


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