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Ohio Blogging Association – February Meeting

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 The February Meeting of the Ohio Blogging Association will be a tasting at

Wine and Design in Tremont

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Wine and Design

751 Starkweather Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

6 affordable wines will be poured and there will be light appetizers while each wine is discussed and additional wine/blogging tips shared.

Miss WineOH will also answer the mystery of  “do wine bloggers really get free wine?”

Cost for this meeting will be $15,

and should be paid in advance.

You may pay using Paypal to

Greg and Dan at Wine and Design have generously donated their space for the meeting, so please give them Twitter love to @wineanddesignOH and blog love before and after the meeting!

Wines poured the night of the meeting will be available for purchase, as well as great wine accessories and of course the beautiful design elements from the “Design” side of Wine and Design.

(Miss WineOH has no affiliation with this business, other than being a fan of local small business and buying a LOT of wine there!)

If you have questions about the wine tasting,  or need to make other payment arrangements,

please email Tammy Colson at the Miss WineOH address.

There will be a non-alcoholic option available (soda/tea) – please RSVP for this option. The charge will be $5.

If you have OBA questions, please contact the OBA folks.


We look forward to seeing you on February 21st at 7pm!


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  2. Stumbled on your Twitter feed and wanted to say good on you re: your comment at Fistful of Talent. I thought the author’s “change your name” defense was especially specious – does she really think that would work forever? The issues there would have to be dealt with sooner or later, and the applicant was honest enough to be using her real name.

    Yeah, they aren’t running a charity there, but if she’s a qualified candidate that should be enough. She and the employer could have a long conversation about the possible issues her past might cause, and could probably figure out a way to pre-emptively deal with most of them.

    Over the weekend “Up with Chris Hayes” had a segment on our incarceration policy and the way we brand people as criminals for life. We put obstacles in their way long after they’ve paid their debt to society. Similar thing here. If she really is trying to put her past behind her – and that’s a big if; if there’s an ulterior motive then all bets are off – then why get hung up over what others might say? If you think it’s the right thing to do, find a way to articulate it and be prepared to say it to anyone who heads to the fainting couch (or the picket line) over it.

    I hope the applicant lands in a good place. “All sinners have a future, and all saints have a past.”

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