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WOTW – Did Your Mama Teach You That?

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The Other Guys Wines make Hey Mambo. And they named this one Kinky Pink.

 Right now you are singing Mambo Italiano… so here’s another version of Hey Mambo to get THAT out of your head.

Now, on to Kinky Pink. Because it’s definitely worth talking about.

BottleShot Kinky PinkI opened a bottle of Kinky Pink Rosé on a fine spring day in Cleveland and waited to see what would happen. Their Sultry Red is one of my most recommended chillable reds – I’ve poured it at a number of tastings, including this one in January, so I was interested to see what they do with a Rosé.

The color in the glass is a beautiful pink. Aromas of orange blossom, strawberry and peony. (the winery says wisteria… i didn’t smell it, so maybe my nose has gone old school floral on me)

The Kinky Pink is 98% pinot noir with a splash (2%) of Chardonnay. Pinot Noir rosés can be a bit thin – but this is a medium bodied wine which will hold up nicely with spring and summer dishes.

It starts with tart cherry and clementine and has a pleasing finish of strawberry and lemon. Light chicken dishes, pasta salads, your Sunday ham – all great pairings with this wine.

The good folks at The Other Guys sent me a bottle of their new Rose, as well as a bottle of the Sultry Red, and I’d recommend either of them as great summer sippers!


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