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Help a WINEOH out!

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***** Many thanks to all of the friends of MissWineOH who spread the word. We found 2 tickets for the Dare to Pair event for this couple. Special thanks to one of the great staffers at Winery at Spring Hill for their help! This is one of our Geneva, OH wineries, you should check them out!*****


I know a great couple in Cleveland who have given of themselves to give back to the Cleveland community by taking in special needs foster children for several years.

They had planned to attend the Pairings Ohio event tomorrow night, with a stay at the Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake. They got a call today saying there was a mistake at the Lodge and their certificate is actually NOT good for this event.

They’d been planning for weeks to attend, and it was to be their first night out as a couple in over 14 months!

So here’s what I’m asking – does anyone have 2 tickets for the Pairing Ohio dinner that they are not using. They now know its a sold out event, but they already had reservations through the Lodge – so finding out TODAY that they actually CAN’T go is a huge disappointment.

The couple is willing to pay the cost of the tickets, they just wanted a great night out!

So help a WineOH out. Let me know via email at if you can help.



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