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Pairing Adventures – why? what? how?

Wine and Cupcakes – Pairing Adventures

Do you like to explore new wines?

Are you interested in learning about wine?

Ever wondered how chefs and sommeliers pair wine with food?

Are you interested in learning tips and ideas for enhancing your meals at home, or picking the right wine off of a restaurant menu?

Are you the person in your crowd who loves to try new and interesting foods and flavors?

Do you love cupcakes?

Whether you are just warming to the idea of wine, have some knowledge, or consider yourself an experienced oenophile, you’ll get something out of this adventure. We always start with the basics, and add in more advanced tips as we go. This is a conversation, not a lecture – so feel free to ask questions or contribute your own thoughts!

When we put together a Pairing Adventure we taste many wines, and choose the ones we’ll pour based on the flavors, the opportunity to introduce a new varietal or region, and the price point.

We then pick our cupcake flavors, (and these are not your grandma’s cupcakes) based on the flavors the wines present. Using both sweet and savory flavors and spices – we work with local bakers to create the best mini-cupcakes possible – ones that will enhance your wine experience.

We use local bakers, and small local wine shops or wine bars (or beer pubs), so you are supporting 3 local businesses with one event.

When you attend our events you should leave having experienced a new wine or two, thinking about different flavors to introduce into your own meals, and with a new understanding of how to pair your wine (or beer) and your meals to complement, not clash.

 Wine newcomers are always welcome. We’d love to have you at a Pairing Adventure!

Now, if you are excited – Check out the Calendar of Events or the main page for tickets!

And if your club, group, or organization is looking for an entertaining and educational event, please contact MissWineOH at – we can work with most any idea, group size or budget.

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Outside of writing great blogs that you should all read – you should also follow these lovely ladies on twitter.

(None of these reviews were solicited, nor were attendees compensated for their reviews or comped for attendance – but they should have been!)


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  1. I think this is a great explanation of why the tastings are so fun! Miss WineOH does a fantastic job. And thanks for the blog love, too!

    • Hi, Billy and Kato!Please save the passes for aohentr truly deserving soul; I’ve just been on a Niagara jaunt and loved every moment of it! Still, I couldn’t pass up the chance to respond to your question. What have I learned? Well, considering all the dog-eared pages and scribbled margin notes in my last 4 editions of Billy’s Best, I hope that I’ve picked up a tip or two! But here’s the rub: turns out that it isn’t wine knowledge that’s most important after all. It’s wine feel. Your books have given me something far more valuable than a short list of good wines. They’ve given me the confidence to chart my own course, to look beyond the nice stuff to find some real hidden treasures. Turns out that the road less travelled is truly an exhilarating ride! Thanks again for the compass.


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