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Happy Turkey Day – What’s on the table?

I’ve been asked by several folks what I’d recommend to pair with Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s my short list of wines that should blend with your holiday meal:

Cotes du Rhone (either a blanc or a rouge) – you can pick up a well made cotes du rhone for between $12-17.

Viognier – a fruity, well balanced viognier will like the turkey and stuffing on your table. A good one will run you $15 and up.

Gewurztraminer – crisp, but slightly sweet from its naturally high sugar. This white is a crowd pleasing wine, particularly for families that have folks used to drinking those sweeter wines. I’ve seen nice bottles for $8-12, and you can get good local wines in the #FLX, #OHwine and #PAwine regions.

And lastly… there are so many flavors on our holiday table, I probably couldn’t pick just ONE wine that would blend with everything. So my suggestion is pick a wine that fits your palate and your budget, and just enjoy it. With the friends, family and festivities surrounding Thanksgiving – everything is going to taste good. Wine is always better when paired with laughter and good conversation.

Don’t worry about it. Just enjoy.

And support your local wineries and craft breweries for the holiday. Small business keeps our economy going!

Happy Thanksgiving from MissWineOH.


Regional Wine Week – A Limerick and Top 5

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Its been a fun week highlighting regional wineries, wine and winemakers from a few of my favorite places.  We successfully launched Wine and Cupcakes here in Cleveland, and we are taking our pairing experience  on the road to Winston-Salem, NC next week. Plenty of tastings coming up, and they will be on the  calendar as they are confirmed.

I’ve been asked by several folks for my Top 5 regional wines.

Without further ado, in NO particular order.

Miss WineOH Top 5 Regional Wines

From Ohio:

2007 Markko Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay ($27)

2008 Kinkead Ridge Cabernet Franc

From Virginia:

2005 Breaux Vineyards Nebbiolo

2007 Linden Vineyards Hardscrabble Red ($42)

From North Carolina:

2008 Grove Winery Norton ($16.99)

There are about 5 more on my list of wines I’d go back to again and again…

2007 Benmarl Winery Baco Noir from New York

2009 Ferrante Winery Signature Series (GRV) Cabernet Franc ($15.99) from Ohio

Winery at Blackstar Farms Dry Cherry ($10) from Michigan

2009 Keswick Vineyards Verdejo from Virginia

2008 Hermes Vineyard Aglianico ($11.99) from Ohio

There are plenty of incredible wines out there. Discover what may be just around the corner! Tell me your favorites – I love finding new wines.

And in honor of the end of Regional Wine Week:  31 words about Drinking Local – because I’ve tasted from 31 states.

There once was a girl who drank whiskey.

In bourbon or beer she saw beauty

Then she found local wine,

And called it divine,

Its dry, she declared; not just fruity.

No more poetry… I promise!

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